Ing. Radka Krejčová

About a specialist

Certified detoxification consultant of information method and nutritionist

I am pleased to be a part of the team that develops and practices a modern method with attributes like: holistic approach - perceives a person and his health issues in the broadest possible context, looks for the real cause of the disease and uses products that carry information in the true sense of the word. The first encounter with Joalis, the method of diagnosis and information preparations for me was something like a sci-fi. Very soon, seeing excellent results within my whole family, I realized how amazing and gentle at the same time is the way Joalis food supplements work with nervous, immune and hormonal system. During the therapy, we experience not only the improvement of physical problems, but a person also changes mentally - for example, the sleep imporves, one does not take things so personally and become more tolerant, we perceive objective reality better and we intuitively feel what is right and appropriate for us.

In terms of personal focus - I am also a nutrition consultant and I actively use our testing software to monitor the tolerances of individual components of the diet. I also enjoy working with children.

I see the greatest potential for the healing of future generations in the so-called pre-pregnancy detoxification, i.e. the systematic work with young couples before the planned conception.

You can meet Radka in the Prague centre of information method every odd FRIDAY and even MONDAY.

If Czech is challenging for you, Radka will be happy to do the consultation in English.