Joalis Academy

In order for the JOALIS preparations to work well and for as many people as possible to find the proper help, the JOALIS team has created a three-level system of education and support. Thanks to this, every year we are extending our team of consultants who dedicate their professional lives to helping others.

CThe certified JOALIS learning system is intended for everyone who is interested in holistic/information method. It is based on the principles underpinning the  information method.

The educational system is structured into three levels: Level 1 - acquisition of basic knowledge of the possibilities of information method; Level 2 - composition of treatments and operation of Salvia device; Level 3 (the highest level) - extension of knowledge of existing consultants. Every learning level is closed with a final exam to verify the acquired knowledge.

Level 1 (Z1 – Z3)

Level 1 is suitable for those who would like to become a so-called family consultant. Family consultants want to improve their own health and that of their relatives and find out more about prevention and tips for managing acute conditions.

Level 2 (S1 – S3)

Level 2 is intended for Level 1 graduates who want to fully practice detoxification and the information method. This level broadens knowledge about the whole method. The course consists of three seminars, during which the participants learn to work with the Salvia diagnostic device, are introduced to the EAM set programme, and practice putting together treatment programmes using JOALIS preparations. Upon successful completion of the final exam, the graduate is awarded the certificate “Consultant for the information Method - Controlled Detoxification JOALIS”.

Level 3 (V)

This level is focused on gaining experience with clients and building self-confidence, which is crucial for a successful practice. The “Yearly” and “Advanced Practical Course” were incorporated into the University for the Information Detoxification Method, which takes place in Prague and Brno. Specialised workshops and practical seminars on work in a centre, the EAM set, Salvia device, etc.are also organised. Graduates of Level 3 are awarded the certificate of “Certified Consultant for the information Method - Controlled Detoxification JOALIS”.