Quality policy - ISO

Through its quality policy, the company Joalis strives to create stable and strong ties and relationships not only within the company as such, but also with its customers and suppliers. The quality policy is an integral part of every activity and process within Joalis.


The company JOALIS s.r.o. is a dietary supplements manufacturer. This includes recipe and composition design and the trade in food supplements sector.

Relationship to customer

  • The goal of our activities is 100% fulfillment of all predetermined customer requirements.
  • We strive to anticipate the needs of a customer with regard to their life situation not only now, but in the future as well.

Relationship to employees

  • Quality and responsible work of each employee is a guarantee of the company's success.
  • Our employees are selected on the basis of professional as well as higher moral qualities.
  • Employees are and remain the bearers of the company's performance thanks to comprehensive training, continuous education and management support.

Relationship to suppliers

  • All our suppliers are able to deliver the required material exactly according to our needs and specifications within the set deadlines.
  • We require only reliable and quality suppliers.
  • We require our suppliers to be our partners at the same level of quality assurance.
  • We evaluate, select and work closely with our suppliers to meet our expectations.

Market relationship

  • Our goal is to increase our market share in the Czech Republic and to participate in the world market as much as possible.
  • All processes are provided in accordance with the valid legislative, health, hygiene, safety and ecological conditions, which are determined by the valid legislation of the Czech Republic.
  • The company provides the necessary support to ensure the operation of all processes, their measurement, monitoring and analysis in order to achieve the planned results and continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement

  • With this approved and announced quality policy we commit to constant streamlining of the established system.
  • Changes in the company and management are aimed to improve the quality of the company's production. We understand quality improvement as a continuous and systematic process.

The company's management undertakes to regularly verify the functionality of the system and provide all the necessary resources for its effective operation.

In Stará Huť, on  3rd of September 2018
Ing. Vladimír Jelínek, Managing director

Certificate ISO 9001

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