C.I.C. center in Ostrava

reception: Jana Stankušová
+420 553 034 370
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C.I.C. center in Ostrava

Ostrava center functions under the umbrella of Joalis s.r.o.. Only the Joalis certified advisors practice here. They all will be happy to meet with you and advise you on the health issues you are experiencing. They work exclusively with Salvia and Accucomb devices in combination with the specially developed diagnostic PC software EAMset. If you are looking to buy the products without the consultation, there is a complete range of Joalis products available for purchase.

The C.I.C method advisors in the Ostrava center:

We are available every day Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. 


I wish to make an appointment:

Our experienced C.I.C method advisors will be happy to help you with the detoxification of your body.

One detoxification treatment usually consists of 4 products, which is about 1500 CZK. Children usually need 1-2 products.

The price of a session with the purchase of the products is CZK 300 (for consultation only).

A children's consultation with the purchase of the products is CZK 150 (for consultation only).

The price of session for adults without purchasing the products is CZK 500, a children's session without purchasing the products is CZK 300.

Gift vouchers can be purchased in Ostrava.


For further information or making the appointment please call +420 730 517 776 or +420 553 034 370.



Pražákova 218/7
Ostrava - Mariánské Hory
709 00