Joalis and its journey

The body as a whole is a perfect organism. Everything is interconnected, cooperates with each other, and strives to achieve one thing: perfect functionality and good health. So where is the flaw when we struggle with a health issue? What is the best way to recover our ideal balance?

These were the questions and demands that were placed on those scientists who stood behind the creation of this ground-breaking approach to self-healing. Their intensive work and dedication led to the creation of the Joalis brand and to all its preparations, which help thousands of people every day. Joalis applies a holistic approach to every individual - it deals with the body and mind (psyche). Only when both components are in balance can we speak of a natural state - good health.

Joalis is a Czech company and was established in 1999. Joalis produces unique natural food supplements which combine the effects of herbs and plants with the power of information. All Joalis preparations are certified as safe for health by the State Health Department. Behind every drop and capsule not only lies years of research into the field of human health, but also the many successful stories of clients who believed that health does not come from chemistry, but from within themselves.

Why is our approach unique?

  • It takes a holistic approach to the individual
  • The preparations used detoxify the body and return it to a state of natural balance
  • Methodology based on 20 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients
  • Works with strictly natural preparations
  • Successful long-term cooperation with doctors and healthcare staff from many disciplines
  • Experienced consultants at home and abroad to help people

Who stands behind the Joalis brand?

Kdo stojí za značkou Joalis

Mgr. Marie Vilánková

I see living organisms as absolutely perfect, one could say, incredible information systems with unbelievable abilities. I do realise and often explain in my lectures that toxins not only influence the body on a physical-chemical level, but also disrupt the processing of information. Logically, this leads to impaired communication between individual cells and to the impairment of immunity, as well as hormonal and neural control of the body. By applying the theory of information on living systems, I am also finding new connections between pathogens and functional disorders of the human body.

After spending most of her childhood on the back of a partially wild horse in the beautiful nature surrounding Pošumaví, she graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague. She specialised in informatics, theory of information, mathematical analysis and algebra.

In the 1990’s, she began pursuing her interest in the effects of natural substances and toxins on living organisms. She then decided to dedicate her life to studying immunology, microbiology and psychoneuroimmunology. She not only pursues information theories on living systems, but also physical theories on the creation and origins of the universe.

She has explained some of her findings in an accessible and simple way in the book „Treating with information“, which was published in 2018 by the Czech publisher Argo.

Ing. Vladimír Jelínek

You can look at the human body and nervous system as if it was a microelectronic system, one which is under the influence of physical and biochemical laws. It does not function or functions imperfectly when certain toxic substances are allowed to spread within it. A personal computer must, from time to time, be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. So shouldn´t this apply to the human body too?

From 1985 to 1991, I studied the field of microelectronics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. I spent several years of my life immersed in scientific toxicology studies. I was particularly interested in the processes involved in the deposition of toxic organic and inorganic substances into the human body. The number of scientific papers regarding this topic is huge. Very detailed and valuable toxicology information can be found, for example, in the Toxic Substances and Diseases Registry (ATSDR) in Atlanta, Georgia, which is a federal public health agency within the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

This was also one of the sources Vladimír Jelínek referenced when putting together the Joalis preparations.

The most effective way to good health

Acquiring Joalis preparations is quite easy. Clients who believe in the philosophy behind the Joalis brand and would like to rid their bodies of built up toxins can choose the optimal preparation in the form of sprays, drops, capsules, syrup or oil either intuitively themselves or with the assistance of a certified consultant.

Joalis is continuously working on expanding its network of certified centres in order to ensure that clients receive the best help possible and the most appropriate preparations for their situation.

Consultants of the Information method present the most effective way of entering the world of Joalis. The work of a consultant is to assess the initial information about the client and to conduct tests using a device that detects stress reactions to individual types of toxins. The level of detected toxic burden in the body and the holistic approach to the person helps the consultant to create an optimal detoxification treatment programme (on average 3-4 reciprocally supportive preparations). Thanks to the lead given by the trained consultant, the client can, step by step, eliminate the toxic burden on individual organs and tissues and, with a change in lifestyle, “motivate” the body to start the self-healing process