How to eliminate toxins

What are toxins?

Toxins, as perceived by Joalis, are organic and inorganic substances whose increased incidence in the human body negatively influence the healthy functioning of its organs. Toxins not only cause defects to surrounding cells, but also block the natural communication pathways in our body and discharge various amounts of harmful disinformation.

If you look at a person as a whole (holistically), you will come to realise that some harmful deposits may even be found in the mind. They are sometimes better hidden, but no less dangerous than, for example, heavy metals.   Joalis preparations naturally take this into account.

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The most common toxins are:

  • Environmental toxins - chemical compounds, heavy metals and their compounds
  • Infectious microbial deposits and their toxins
  • Emotional toxins - such as stress, unresolved personal issues
  • Chemicals - industrial, agricultural, domestic - detergents, food additives and preservatives, etc.
  • Radioactive substances
  • Exogenous proteins from the environment
  • Toxic substances caused by digestion
  • Medications, drugs
  • Metabolic toxins
  • Biogenic salts

How do I detoxify?

The ideal and most efficient way to use the information method is to approach a certified consultant who will prepare a treatment programme using Joalis natural food supplements. The treatment programme is “personalised” in order to make it more effective and useful. It is also good to make alterations to your lifestyle, minor changes in your diet, etc.

The work of the Joalis consultant is to assess the initial information about the client and to conduct tests using the Salvia device, in combination with the “EAM set” programme, to detect the client´s stress reactions to individual types of toxins. The level of detected toxic burden in the body and the holistic approach to the person helps the consultant to create an optimal detoxification treatment programme (3-4 reciprocally supportive preparations). Thanks to the lead given by the trained consultant, the client can, step by step, eliminate the toxic burden on individual organs and tissues and, with a change in lifestyle, “motivate” the body to start the self-healing process.

Joalis is constantly working on expanding its network of certified centres and consultants in order to ensure that clients receive the best help possible and the most appropriate preparations for their situation

Why do I need a consultant?

Every disease is specific and its manifestation in the human body isn’t always the same. Broad experience and in-depth knowledge of health sciences and the Joalis product portfolio are required in order to determine the most suitable combination of products to improve the body´s immunity and fitness. These are the main reasons why we recommend approaching a trained JOALIS consultant.

  • In-depth knowledge of health sciences
  • Knowledge of JOALIS products
  • Thorough identification of the issue
  • Holistic approach

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