Detoxification and the Information method

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is a process which strives to achieve a clean organism without deposits and the effects of exogenous substances. There are many detoxification methods. Every single one of them tries to find and eliminate toxins from the body to prevent further harm, so that the health and life of the human body is not put into jeopardy.

Co je to detoxikace

Information method

Information method is a gradual process of effective cleansing of the human body. This process is based on the sequential application of specific Joalis preparations, which help the body to eliminate certain toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, food burden, pathogens and microorganisms) from organs and tissues using its own immune system, thereby promoting their normal function. The aim of this method is to find a natural balance between all body functions, not just motoric, but also metabolic, immune and others.

As soon as the tissues and organs within the body work in compliance with its original settings, i.e. homeostasis, then there are basically no imbalances of the body and mind that can manifest themselves as persistent health issues. The human body has the capacity to eliminate and fix all these attacks and imbalances on its own. This is the direction of travel for Joalis. As a brand, we want to return the natural protective function of the body to people.

Joalis is constantly working on expanding its network of certified centres and consultants in order to ensure that clients receive the best help possible and the most appropriate preparations for their situation